Attractive diving tours in Nha Trang

Footsteps in Vietnam – Nha Trang is the second bay in Việt Nam, after Hạ Long, was listed in the club of the most beautiful bays in the world (Germany-based international organization). If you come to Nha Trang, don’t miss a chance to explore the sea bed.

Colorful seabed

Diving services appeared here from 1995. Currently, Nha Trang has tens of diving clubs, including Blue Diving, ORCA, Octopus and Rainbow. Most of local hotels and coffee bars on Trần Phú highway are agents to sell ticket for diving services.

Tằm island, some 12km from the seashore, is an ideal destination for people who like playing parachuting, water-skiing and water motorcycle race. If you wish to visit the whole view of Nha Trang bay, you should play parachute towed by canoes at Tằm island. Flying at the height of 50 – 70m in the middle of the sea, you will have unforgettable strong feelings.


Scuba diving in Nha Trang. Photo:

Near Tằm island is Mun island. Mun means blacks. It was a volcano a long time ago and has become black gradually. Mun island is around 10km from the heart of the city and it takes visitors over one hour to come to the island from the city. Mun island is the most beautiful diving place in Việt Nam. It has nine points for diving and under the sea water surface is the coral paradise for travelers’ exploration.



The diving places have fresh and clean water. On nice sunny days, you can see coral rows at the sea bottom. You will be instructed to use adjutages for breathing. The instructors will dive with you to give support in necessary cases and take you to see corals.


Diving in Madonna Rock, Nha Trang

The sea area has many famous diving points such as “Madonna stone”, “black tunnel” and “coral garden” where visitors can see the colorful world of tropical corals. Diving at the depth of 4 – 10m, you will see a wonderful water palace which has strange kinds of fish. In the sunlight darted on the blue water, actinia tassels moves like sea snakes, and seaweed bushes swing slightly and colorful fish run around you. Coming to the depth of 10 – 15m, you will not see coral rows, but many nice caves for exploration. You even have to lights to see sea creatures in some caves.

Diving tourism services in Nha Trang have become more attractive to both local and foreign travelers.



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